Music for 6/1/21!!! Ad Nauseam, Ayron Jones

@@@ Ad Nauseam: Imperative Impercebtible Impulse (Lazy Didn’t look it up, 2021) Some metal off Loudwire’s best metal of 2021. This is punishing mathy business that is unfortunately not on Apple Music so I’m forced to stream it off bandcamp and bandcamp streaming is 128k and thin. These are all long bangers, 8-12 minutes in length, complex and tweedly backed by an absolutely freaked out drummer driving the bus here. I’m on the second tune ‘Inexorably Ousted Sente’ and it’s a hot fucking mess. An enjoyable hot fucking mess, quite possibly hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock. The best description for this is somebody took Captain Beefheart, shot him with 14 cans of Red Bull into his eyeballs, gave him a bunch of distortion pedals and twinkies and locked him in a studio. It’s very intense and impassioned music and I give that huge respect. This is no reproduction of another record. I might have to swing back on this and I would like to hear it in higher quality but once you get past the initial blasting chaos there’s a lot going on here.

@@@ Ayron Jones: Child of the State (Big Machine, 2021) I’m a bit surprised to see this record on a metal roundup as it’s a black dude rocking a modern blues with a twinge of arena rock. Also surprised to see Taylor Swift’s old label trafficking in this kind of business. I understand there’s a smattering of non white folks in heavy metal, no lectures please. The guitar sounds are epic, huge and noisy and I can’t decide whether I like the production overall. It does seem a bit inflated. I wish also the guitar playing was more adventurous, he seems set on a particular set of classic rock riffs. I’m on the fourth track and I like it all right but it’s a bit of a reproduction of something that came before.

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