Music for 5/27/21!!! The Hirs Collective, Midnight

@@@ The Hirs Collective: Affection and Care (Get Better Records, 2021) Herky jerk metal with an ‘at the end of a rope’ singer. Pounding and thrashing in a more desperate than angry way, I dig this. This is a somewhat normal length song off a record entitled the third 100 songs, which funny enough contains 100 fucking songs with irreverent titles like ‘Fuck you Dad’ and ‘Trans Woman Dies of Old Age’. I find this a bit exciting as I don’t get excited for much but 100 songs in 78 minutes is something to look forward to. One sentence from their charter statement is: We are a collective of freaks and faggots that will never stop existing. I’m a freak but not a homosexual or anything but a boring ass straight person (poor me) so I hope I can be a part of this just being just a hetero freak. I dig collectives and I look forward to hearing more of this music. More important than who these people are is the music, it’s quality and passion.

@@@ Midnight: Masked and Deadly (Metal Blade, 2021) Both of today’s listen’s are off Apple Music’s metal section and I’m shocked that something like the above listen by the Hirs Collective ever made it up there. This, on the other hand, is a blend of classic metal, thrash and even a bit of punk and classic hard rock which is pretty standard in its construction and its intent. It’s got a little AC/DC a little Iron Maiden and other ’80s old school bands in its DNA. The singer is pretty standard and you can hear him — in the heat of hell you will fry, that’s pretty clearly enunciated and seems to be a sensible statement about the actions of humans as well as climate change! I know it’s all hippie and shit to discuss the planet’s heating up but in the heat of hell we all gonna fry, motherfuckers!

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