Music for 5/23/21!!! Good Job Honey, Cannibal Corpse

@@@ Good Job Honey: Balls from the Back ( , 2021) I got to this stoner folk thingy via a music publicist email. The PR email said these guys are cannabis farmers and somebody was mad baked when they slotted this as folk music. This is what I affectionately called ‘frat boy’ rock with shades of Red Hot Chili Peppers, white people fake funky beats and lyrics sung by a woman who goes on a few different stories of encountering men and jonesing for some balls from the back. It’s fair game as men have spent centuries grading and degrading the female butt/onion but the song is not folk and I think any other format besides this low IQ frat rock would surpass this.

@@@ Cannibal Corpse: Inhumane Harvest (Metal Blade, 2021) Oh my, get out the gasoline and the matches and start planning as to where you might start a huge fire. Via the Apple Music blurb this is Cannibal Corpse’s 15th record and it most definitely is not lacking in energy and these guys don’t need a Red Bull. In fact they should carefully monitor their Red Bull consumption. This album reminds me a bit of Carcass’ Surgical Steel record — the production is quite intricate but it certainly does not soften the music. Excellent playing all around as you would expect from a seasoned band like this, I love this shit! I will be circling back on this record for sure, it’s got the focus and energy of a best of year effort. I will wrap up this pocket review and check this shit out while I get the plastic tank out and head out to the gas station.

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