Music for 5/20/21!!! Wayne Snow, Kasai All Stars, Natik Awayez

@@@ Wayne Snow: Nina (Roche Musique, 2021) A pre-release single I got to via a music publicist email. It’s an updated ’80s stripped down funk/r&b thing with a delicious delayed marimba type patch. Snow is rocking a falsetto before he brings in the classic Prince 1999 era synth lead to demolish the doubters. I don’t really know what demolishing the doubters means but it looked good on the screen. I’m listening to this track on a fairly decent set of headphones and the sounds here are lush and quite edible. I’m not sure what the song is about lyrically but the sounds are quite satisfying.

@@@ Kasai Allstars: Like a Dry Leaf on a Tree (Crammed Discs, 2021) The second track I’ve peeped as I checked out the pre release single. I’m a Crammed Disc fanboy with no shame. It’s been a struggle to finish today’s review post, not sure why, I’m tired etc, who isn’t tired? but this is my second listen off this record and I’m hopeful. I like the singing here but not necessarily the drum machine, it sounds like a lo fi bedroom indie rocker. Of course, indie rockers can’t sing or play guitar like this, that is for sure. I find the sounds a bit endearing but the playing not unusual enough to really catch my ears. Could you use a beat upgrade and some more unusual guitar playing. Do like the bass player though, he/she’s working.

@@@ NATIK AWAYEZ: Egaf (Sublime Frequencies, 2021) Slotted as folk music I got to this artist and track via this week’s WRIR weekly playlist email. Born in southern Iraq and living in Cairo I’m most into the hand drumming and violin playing which is just awesome. Oh whoever is on the fiddle is just tearing it out, a mournful solo for the song title perhaps? Regular readers know that I prefer the less smoothed out super produced world music as if the edges are filed down for sensitive imperial white listeners. The production here is pretty straightforward without massive reverb patches and epicness introduced. The music here is more than powerful enough without the production flourishes. Instrumentation is hard drums, oud, violin and voice. I’m certainly no expert on Middle Eastern music and the various differences between music from Iraq vs. Egypt etc but the scales and melodies are similar. I will be swinging back on this record for sure.

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