Music for 5/17/21!!! kezia, C. Tangana, The Offspring

@@@ kezia: south! (Never Seven, 2021) I got to these first two listens via the Line of Best Fit. A drawly MC celebrating black Southern culture over what I hear as slowed down stripper sounds. I have no beef with stripper pole rap tunes just to be clear. Trappy high hats, thick booty bass, slower tempo. If you dig her delivery you’ll probably dig the tune but if you don’t love her low energy vibe you might find it a bit draggy. ‘You like it when I’m down South, when it’s all said and done you know I’m the only one.’ That’s the vocal hook. There are some pleasantly trippy keyboard parts and processed vocal samples. I like it all right.

@@@ C. Tangana: Tu Me Dejaste De Querer (Sony Music, 2020) Fully piimped out urban Latino music from a Spanish MC. Beats are high in the mix, the keyboards are chill and he comes over the top with the sophisticated loverboy flow. A plinky guitar line separates the verse from the chorus and I think there are advantages to not knowing the lyrics as they’re most likely cheesy as fuck. Additional things I like are the hand drums, and the appearance of a flamenco guitar briefly. Lots of romantic sonic posturing going on here. It’s a guest track with a couple of other Spanish vocalists I don’t know so there’s a lot of vocals. Fully pimped sonically, slightly crowded mix, lots of singers providing a type of party vibe.

@@@ The Offspring: Gone Away (Concord, 2021) I’ve never been a huge Offspring kinda fella but when the piano hits and the huge vocal sound hits I know why. It also has a full string section and oy this is some middle aged shit for sure. I don’t know if his love has died or she divorced him or maybe she went on a post Covid cruise but this is some high falutin’ cheese that I don’t really think I can let go by undenounced. He just reached out to the sky and screamed out her name. Really? In my humble ass opinion America needs less of this, not more of this. I’m checking out the first track and it’s your classic SoCal thrashabout punk. Again not my favorite thing ever but I feel especially fucked over for checking out the ballad. I got to this track via music biz commenter Bob Lefsetz and I think he has a soft spot for the cheese bomb.

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