Music for 5/19/21!!! Origami Angel, Kings of Convenience, Musketeer

@@@ Origami Angel: Footloose Cannonball Brothers (Counter Intuitive, 2021) Two listens off a Pitchfork editors’ list, go Pitchfork! I mean not really rooting for that Conde Nast orifice I would prefer the attention go somewhere else. Slotted as EMO in Apple Music, and you may ask yourself why the capital letters? This track opens acoustically before the band comes in rocking that classic power pop punk, then back into the acoustic vibe and that’s the move here. Nice vocal melody in the chorus and while the lyrics seem to be intererior and about relations between humans it’s not super EMO, it’s shopping mall EMO. There’s a line about how somebody is acting like they’re sponsored by Adidas and that line really fucking bothers me. It shows how deeply branding and corporate bullshit has soaked into music. The band plays well, nice vocal melodies, but not much impact past the impact of the band.

@@@ Kings of Convenience: Rocky Trail (EMI/Universal, 2021) Get out the flavored coffee or the mint juleps for you former slave owners out there cuz it’s macaroni and cheese time with some white dude bossa nova. Oy! I feel weird listening to this as my values have changed. It’s like eating waffles drowned in syrup served on a dead infant’s body. No I kid. Shades of Simon and Garfinkel with the dual male vocalists. I think it’s possible the dude in the back of the video image below is Brazilian from an accent I hear but I beg you do the right thing if he is and put his ass right along side of the blond white guy. The dividing line when a track goes from sweet to toothless is a line each individual has to draw for him or herself but for me this is just not where I’m at.

@@@ Musketeer: The North Sea (Self released, 2021) I got to this tune via an email from the band. This is a slice of your classic of UK/Irish folk flavored beautiful misery. Lonesome acoustic guitar strum and downer-y vocal stylings. They put a fairly good sized room on the singer but they didn’t take it full Celine Dion. The singing gets more impassioned about 2 minutes in when he starts going off on the worms on the deep sea bed which is weird but I’m not opposed to weird. There is some distinctly Thom Yorke flavors to the singing here but it’s less alienated and without the electro framing of the Radiohead. I’m guessing the deep sea bed is symbolic of the human unconcious level or death itself. Anyway I give these folks some respect for trying to convey a feeling besides the feeling of showing one’s ass in public and inviting people to comment on or spank their ass.

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