Music for 5/5/21!!! Dimash Kudaibergen, Ben Seretan, Sufi Parveen

@@@ Dimash Kudaibergen: The Crown (Beige and Black Golden, 2021) I got to this Kazakh singer’s music and the clip below from a financial blog of all places. I thought he was gonna rock it in English but we’re getting the Chinese. The main point in listening to this is to recognize that cheese is an international business, everybody loves cheese. Kudaibergen can sing for sure — a supple voice in places and epic in others. The chorus, oy the chorus, boom! a cheese comet across the sky. In places they bite a song really hard, Careless Whisper I can’t believe I pulled that off the hard drive! There’s a bridge where he just loses his shit, it’s massive and he goes Mariah Carey like full range diva show. Wow is all I can say here, wow.

@@@ Ben Seretan: Cicada Waves (NNA Tapes, 2021) A solo piano/ambient recording I got to via an email from the label. I like the atmospheric elements, the churring and static of nature — the piano I’m agnostic about. It’s a lot of ringing chords with small melodies layered on top. I like it, I think it would be good music to get a non-happy ending massage to. It’s not often the insects are the stars of a record so cherish it.

@@@ Sufi Parveen: Kanha (Hinduraag, 2021) I got to this modernized Sufi electronica devotional music from music critic Ted Gioia. My first impression is I don’t like it very much at all. I like the singing but the sounds are Casio-esque and it detracts from the overall power of the music. I love South Asian music so this hurts to relay my disappointment here. The second tune is much better than the first but I’d rather listen to old school carnatic music over this unfortunately.

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