Music for 5/3/2021!!! Burial and Blackdown, BackRoad Gee, cktrl

@@@ Burial + Blackdown: Shock Power of Love EP (Keysound, 2021) Three listens today off this month’s free Crack monthly mag out of the UK. I’ve been turned on to a lot of music via Crack Magazine. I thought this was going to be rock (don’t know why I thought that) but it’s an EP of electronic music with a lot of chainsaw synths and hip hop flavorings. I’m sampling the third tune after the first two and they are all rhythmic variants on classic techno beats. This third one is going full R2D2/StarWars ‘blurpy beep and laser tag’ with some fully reverbed cracked syllables; it’s sonically rich. Two 9 minute bangers and two 4+ minute bangers. I think this is above average in energy and texturing but it’s not making me jump and down. Other folks might feel differently.

@@@ BackRoad Gee: A Yo ( 23 Formation, 2021) UK rap, I love it! Check this flow on the microphone, oh he just asked if he could get some gray poupon. He didn’t, I made that shit up. The sounds here are off high end and manicured; some push and pull trippy synth sounds, and a bass that cuts melodically and impact wise when it pushes into the mix. Beats are funky and distinctly not American which I like. There is more than one MC here, one is doing that fake gunshot bubbling shit which I find weird. Rhyming is brisk but I have no clue what they’re on about and the accent really destabilizes my listening experience.

@@@ cktrl: robyn (Touching Bass, 2020) Opens loverboy r&b with chill keyboards and a sax with a lot of reverb or a high quality sax virtual instrument with a lot of reverb on it. Wow this is slotted as jazz on Apple Music which is weird to me. This is a r&b jam session and not jazz as I define it. I like the keyboard sound, and while this has to be a real sax to even garner the jazz label from the Apple, there’s too much reverb, the playing does not have the spontaneity of fully improvised music and I don’t know what else to say. The keyboard player and then the flute player that comes in for the last third are the best components here.

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