Music for 4/26/21!!! Shakka, BSI, Porter Robinson

@@@ Shakka: One for the Road (Westbourne, 2021) All three of today’s listens are from the Line of Best Fit weekly email. I started this blog post by listening from the bottom so I’m excited to exit white people’s land. I’m seeing this artist blurbed an artist’s artist. I’m not a super engaged r&b guy though I do listen to a fair amount but I like this tune — he’s very confident but not obnoxious on the microphone and the arrangement is pretty straightforward but far from disposable. It’s not particularly productive to get into what’s trap and what’s not trap but this is firm without trafficking in what I hear this as the hardness of trap. I like that hard flow in some instances but not necessarily in my r&b. I would call this an above average track with the vocal performance standing tall.

@@@ BSI: Vesturbaejar Beach (Self released, 2021) Bouncy style ’80s influenced guitar/synth pop with a dash of slapdash that gives it a more human feel. Female singer, pumped up drums, pumped up and straight, some mild guitar slashing and then a fair amount of synth sauce over the top. I’m not sure what to say, I’m not a big pop guy, but it does what it sets out to do, so if you dig the super guitar pop have at it.

@@@ Porter Robinson: dullscythe (Mom and Pop, 2021) Blurbed as big tent EDM, I’m a bit skeptical of that term. It opens up glitchy and panning back and forth. I hope it settles down forthwith, but it’s not. I guess that this artists suffered after his initial breakthrough and I do appreciate that the chopped and glitched smashing up of the musical material would reflect some of the internal anguish he experienced. About 2/3s of the way through the tune does de-chop and goes out on a blanket of synths and a simple piano melody. I appreciate this musician’s arranging skills but I don’t love the results. The player clicked through to the next track and the tune going right now is much more of that big tent cheese sandwich one would expect from big tent pimps.

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