Music for 4/22/21!!! Kero Kero Bonito, Jan Van Angeloupoulos

@@@ Kero Kero Bonito: The Princess and the Clock (Polyvinyl, 2021) I saw this outfit profiled by Pitchfork on the Twatter as well as seeing it mentioned elsewhere. These days with alternative music you either get some guitar-centric squalor throwback or you get this sort of indie spray electro cheese. Friendly female voice with plenty of glitch sauce, a lot of sounds borrowed and updated from the ’80s this is really not my cup of cheese. I’m not furious about it but blech, I’m guessing the point of this is to help sell blue jeans at the mall. The glitch with the white boy drum beat translated to a drum machine is especially troublesome. The singer too, this is some Saturday morning cartoon shit, oy. I’m sure they’re awesome people but this is not for me.

@@@ JAN VAN de Angel: Streams (Teranga Beat, 2021) Two pre release tracks from an upcoming world music release that I got to via WRIR weekly playlist email. I’m sampling the second of the tracks and my initial impression is I really like the sound of the record, the leader of the group is a drummer and he’s a Greek dude who has been blending and mashing up genres for an extended period of time. And although the description describes his thing as spiritual jazz smashed up with Greek music I hear it as proggy rock with some world music feels and a few jazz sprinkles. The sound is tremendous, while the playing is a bit to fusion-y for my taste but if he got out there and focused more on jazz wisely and got a different bass sound going I would be on this like a stink on a monkey.

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