Music for 4/16/21!!! DJ Voices and Deep Creep, Dark Tranquility, Cuts

@@@ DJ Voices and Deep Creep: Nothing in Moderation ( , 2021) This was a Youtube/Interwebz live streaming set I saw mentioned in the Crack magazine mixes of the month for February. It’s an almost 2 hour set — if you watch the two female djs do their thing it’s not the most exciting visuals ever but the music is funky with heavy dub flavors and trippy delays. I’m no expert on the demographics of the electronic scene but I’m happy to give a shout out to the females in the booth! I would recommend this as restorative background music for programming nerds busy ruining our world with ai. Backwards me, shitting on ai.

@@@ Dark Tranquillity: Phantom Days (Century Media, 2020) A listen off an All Music notable release email last year and it’s a big ass updated classic metal sound here with major guitar riffage and a singer that growls but doesn’t descend into cave dweller territory. Also a keyboard/synth snuck in there that effects the vibe. It’s not my favorite style of metal — big arena production with some snarl but it’s muscular and I’m sure somebody is out there headbangin’ to it. Shootin’ a Red Bull into their eye, stormin’ the Capitol, you know that kind of shit. I’m coming back for a second peep cuz I take my music listening very seriously and it is indeed a hard rock/metal smashup with big production. If that works for you then have at it.

@@@ Cuts: Dissolution (Village Green, 2020) Another listen off a previous All Music notable release email I have stashed around. It’s a blend of semi-abstract synth work and powerful frat boy dancefloor banging. A processed robot voice gets up in here but low in the mix. A second layer of synths and some secondary beats get layered on the original statement and I like it all right but I’m up for more abstract business. I let the player click through and it appears this outfit is fond of the straight up kraut-y beat work. It’s relentless and I appreciate that but I could use a bit more funk/swing in mine.

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