Music for 4/12/21!!! Cha Wa, Ryley Walker, Dry Cleaning

@@@ Cha Wa: My People (Single Lock Records, 2021) Off the Twatter specifically Ted Gioia’s timeline/feed though I have heard and really dug this outfit before. These guys (unless I’m mistaken are the keepers of the New Orleans funk flame). This track, the title track, is a celebration of the staying power and strength of black folks with a division into rich people, poor people, and my people. In the lyrics that is. Big hornlines, lots of energy with hand drummers augmenting the rhythmic energy of the kit drummer. The player clicks through and it moves into a grittier old school funk with a dual guitar attack. I appreciate these guys keeping this funk style alive.

@@@ Ryley Walker: Rang Dizzy (Husky Pants, 2021) This listen and the next are a coupla rock/post punk kinda things off last week’s All Music notable release email. Rawk! I had to get that out of the way. The tune opens much more like a slightly proggy, literate fusion-y rock, there’s no rockin’ per se to be found here. Rocking defined as a release of energy related to defiance, alienation and dissatisfaction, sometimes cathartic in nature. The singer is a sensitive gent and he’s certainly not worked up and he wants you to listen to his words. I’m sure he’s a fabulous dude but I’m not super into his style. This is a dehydrated Pearl Jam typa thing, yikes! You even get a cello here in the background it’s just that classy.

@@@ Dry Cleaning: Strong Feelings ( 4AD, 2021) I don’t find much on the 4AD label as they really cater to the square ass white rock folks out there and they’ve gone to the bank on it. A bit of kraut rock mixed with some art school feels, female singer and a detached delivery style. Classic. If you’re gonna go this route as a listener which is your God given right I would give the Pixies a spin (another 4AD band) cuz they do this with a lot more irony and humor and straight rockin’. This is a bit too stylized for me to get involved with.

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