Music for 3/30/21!!! serpentwithfeet, Karl Benjamin, Art School Girlfriend

@@@ serpentwithfeet: Fellowship (Secretly Canadian, 2021) Album of the week over at Line of Best Fit and I’ve seen it peeped in other outlets as well. I switched up to the second tune Same Size Shoe as this track is number two and bound to be prime and representative of the record. Mr. serpentwithfeet sure does make some very lush loverboy r&b and when I say loverboy I think he’s a lover of gents which is none of my bidness. His voice is stellar, sweet and a bit fragile. He sings like he’s ringing a bell. On the flip side there are a lot of lush soft sounds and not a bit of contrast so it does come off a bit claggy. The elasticity and energy of his voice overcomes a bit of that but a bit of firmness is what I would jump and down over. Otherwise, it’s hard to be against his voice and his singing.

@@@ Karl Benjamin: Apricot Sky (Atlantice, 2021) Also over at Line of Best Fit. More lushness, there’s a lot of comforting music out and about now, could be the Covid. The chorus is an epic recitation of the words ‘Apricot Sky’ which I have no clues as to what that’s about. There are repeated references to spending too much time in front of the tv which I don’t know how that relates to the apricot sky. I like his voice, but the song makes no sense to me and it doesn’t move me. That’s not a rational thing but that’s where I’m at.

@@@ Art School Girlfriend: In The Middle (UMG, 2021) Our last listen is also off this week’s LIne of Best Fit weekly email. It opens a bit gray before it goes to a beat that is half rock/half dancefloor. I’m not obsessed with gender, I think this is a gent singing in a falsetto but I’m not 100% on that. There’s a wave of distortion that could be synth based or an undercover guitar that swells right before the end and that’s pretty much the only sound that caught my attention, the other sounds are meh.

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