Music for 3/29/21!!! Majelen, Various Artists, Eivor

@@@ Majelen: Walking Away (Liondance, 2020) This is a leftover from an Aussie online music magazine.  This opens up with some virtuosic hippie acoustic guitar action panned out hard left and right, a foot stomp (I beleive) and then the singer comes in.  It’s an uplifting and energetic affair.  Not New Age per se, but the effect of two acoustic guitars doubletracked and her voice flirts with that vibe.  The chorus adds more layers of vocals when she’s walking away and I’m gonna tip in a bit as this is really not my scene.  It’s very emotional and a lot of words, a lot. I wish her luck but I’m walking away.  Big shred solo while I check the Twatter.

@@@ Various Artists: Endless Garbage (Castle Face, 2021) This record is slotted as alternative on Apple Music even though All Music has it labelled as a free jazz release. I like this label Castle Face so I will peep it. It opens up with a track called Vertical Infinity and I hear more alternative than I hear free jazz. Instrumentation is skittering drums, some flatulent electric bass and some electric guitar noodles over the top. Let me peep a coupla more tracks but I’m guessing this is stinky basement punk jazz. The second tune, No Flutter, brings on the horns and I don’t like it more because of that but I like it more. I’m feeling the distorted bass of the third tune, Goose, and the other distorted and aggro sounds added to the frantic drumming. The drummer is the star here but when they all get on the same page which they do in spots it’s a visceral and messy listen which I like.

@@@ Eivor: Gullspunnin (Eivor Palsdottir, 2021) I got to this pop-prog track via a music publicist email. It opens electro with a tiny bit of chop and glitch before the breathy female voice comes in. Piano too. Thankfully these lyrics aren’t sung in English so I don’t have to wrestle with the sense/nonsense lyrical axis. I am curious as to what the word gullspunnin means — spun in gold, thank you internet! It’s a dreamier, updated Kate Bush flow with some slightly funky beats coming in to support the colander full of synths and the voice, oh the voice! I would listen to the synths without the beat (or a different beat) and without the voice, that’s the meat of the song.

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