Music for 3/14/21!!! Howard Johnson

@@@ Howard Johnson: Gravity (Self-released, 2017) I got an email from a jazz music publicist announcing this musician’s passing and I just found it again as I was cleaning out my inbox. Mr. Johnson was a multi-instrumentalist but mostly a tube player (I think) and there are few folks walking the planet who love tuba more than me. I guarantee you that. So let’s celebrate the tuba and this man at the same time. I’m listening to Mr. Johnson’s 2017 record Gravity and I will have to check the instrumentation on the interwebz as there may be more than one tube here! What a gift to have a multi-tuba record. Jazz is such a red headed stepchild in the basement that I can’t find the musicians listed on this record with a quick GooglePimp but if my ears don’t deceive there is more than one tuba here. It’s a bit surprising to hear a blazing tuba solo but man he’s hits it here. The drummer is quite energetic, the mix is super clean and I find the piano to be an interesting instrument to go with the tuba. The second tune has a female singer and the third tune is ballad-y so this looks set not to sprawl but also not be confined to a straight jazz set. I’m not the hugest straight jazz guy but my love for the tuba drives this listen. Check it out if you haven’t experienced tuba madness.

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