Music for 3/13/21!!! Harlow Lake, Jeremy Pinnell

@@@ Harlow Lake: Body in the Bathtub (Woodworm, 2021) I got to this Irish rock tune via a music publicist in that area of that world. Production is manicured and the take is a bit off standard formulas — the guitar player is catching my ear with some offkilter noodling. I find myself digging the verse more than the chorus which goes in a more standard direction. I like how high the drums are in the mix, dig the guitar player, don’t love the prog rock bass tone, don’t love the synth sound they chose and I’m agnostic on the singer. They get props for trying to keep the arrangement fresh and they do a pretty good job of doing that.

@@@ Jeremy Pinnell: Joey (SOFABURN, 2021) This is a countrified cover of a tune from back in the day. I liked the original but I’ve heard Pinnell before and I’ve been into his music — his 2014 oh/ky. I don’t know why they chose such a massive reverb patch as it doesn’t seem necessary given that Pinnell can carry the melody in the chorus. He goes stripped down with just a guitar and his cowboy hat. He really puts some vibe into the vocals and I dig that.

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