Music for 3/10/21!!! Smerz, Nikki Nair, Giant Swan

@@@ Smerz: Believer (XL, 2021) All three of today’s listens are off a 10 banging dancefloor mixes you must hear in February via Crack Magazine. This is the third track on a new recording and the most notable feature I hear is the fat trap like bass used by a white female musician; I applaud that. It’s accompanied by a sort of barking screech, a simple 808 beat and some sort of mopey, whispered half sung/half spoken lyrics. I also like the cello that accompanies the mostly electro arrangement. Overall a mixed bag as I really like the sounds but I don’t super like the vocalization.

@@@ Nikki Nair: Pah (Worst Behavior Records, 2021) This electronic tracks opens up 808 drum and pong style with a repeating vocal hip hop bit. Oh, I guess the voice is saying Pah (happy the hard drive is still acessing data it wasn’t clear at first what they were chanting) and I find this track to have a proper blend of funk and abstraction, two of my favorite aspects in a banging electro track. There’s a healthy amount of pitch shifting at certain locations and I like it. The tunes builds by adding a few sounds, more chanting, a more urgent beat and some more aggressive sonic processing. If you dig abstract funk check out this track as you might really like it.

@@@ Giant Swan: Silkworm (Keck, 2021) Our last listen of the day and it’s a high energy throbbing kick drum driven dancefloor banger. The other sounds in the arrangement are reminiscent of a energy drink commercial — a bit cartoonish and high in energy. The goal here is pretty clear, kick up the jams. I get it, I think it could be done in a more interesting manner but they went Looney Tunes techno with it and that’s their right.

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