Music for 3/8/21!!! girl in red, Tate McRae

@@@ girl in red: serotonin (AWAL, 2021) It was a matter of time before somebody took trap bass sounds and smashed ’em into big rock sounds. Female singer, it’s international women’s day, finger snaps and lots of pretty cliche lyrics about doubt, self harm, shitty feelings all put up on the background of the aforementioned formula. it seems odd and a little conflicted to present such internal drama against a pretty backdrop, it doesn’t seem accurate or genuine. Maybe diluting those feelings make it more acceptable to let them out? It would be more powerful for me if the sounds had more impact. This is a pre-release tune, album out whenevs.

@@@ Tate McRae: Slower (Sony, 2021) Looks like they’ve taken women’s international day and stuffed it with major label females. Ah well, concentration of power. This is more a teen electro feel with beats way back, fat bass and a somewhat whiny female singer. That’s the tone to my ears, not a judgment, maybe she’s struggling to deliver the tune and it degenerates into a bit whiny. Or that’s just the way she rolls. The vocal hook revolves around taking a romantic relationship slower which is fine and classic. Overall it sounds pretty disposable.

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