Music for 3/6/21!!! Terror, The Armed

@@@ Terror: Out of My Face (Good Fight Records, 2021) Some in your face metal with a generous dollop of hardcore feels. These guys are definitely not up for a hang as this tune is called Out of My Face and the next tune is Keep Your Distance. That’s pretty aggro and clear. I like the drummer, he’s got some really good vibes going on, I like the guitar playing — it’s pretty standard but it’s good. I think the singer is a bit klunky he could use a mint, something to refresh him a bit. He’s definitely got the pissed thing down pat but a little swing would elevate this.

@@@ The Armed: Average Death (Sargen House, 2021) A little something different off the Apple Music metal section as this gets into a heavy pop place with a lot of electro elements. It doesn’t sport a frog stomping rhythmic approach and they whip a pretty solid post punk shitty in the chorus. The singer is layering in his whatever on top of this maelstrom and for the most part it works. I have a feeling this outfit has some art school graduates in it. I like the chorus, very Husker Du-ey. Both of these tracks are pre-release listens and there will be more when the full biscuit comes out.

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