Music for 3/6/21!!! Andy Bull, Foo Fighters, Common

@@@ Common: Fallin’ (Concord, 2020) Common is an icon at this point. I can’t say I’ve heard a ton of his music but I dig this tune. The guitar playing is really flattering to the tune and the way he latches onto the simple groove and just rolls out the rhymes. There’s a female singer in the chorus who brings some contrast to the proceeding. The singer is PJ, who I’ve not heard before but she does solid work on this excellent track. I’ve bumped this tune up to the top as it’s the best thing I heard today and because no need to put the black dude down the bottom of the blog post.

@@@ Andy Bull: It’s All Connected (Self released, 2020) I got to this track via an Australian music magazine called Happy Magazine. Oh boy, this is gonna be a white dude dancefloor banger ballad heavy on the synths and the klunky boom bap of an uninspired drum machine. I would say the tune is heavily influenced by ’80s pop and it is a bit Wham-ish but it’s got a timeless pop feel with the jangly, wimpish guitar and the singing style. As smooth as vanilla ice cream people! The mix is well done, the singer sings quite well, it’s just that I don’t love what’s on offer here. Others, particularly people not super connected to reality might super dig this.

@@@ Foo Fighters: Holding Poison (RCA, 2020) I’m pretty much done with the Foo but apparently the Foo is not done with us as they continue to carry the rock star flag. This is as about as poppy as you can be with an assload of power chords. There’s a little open hi hat and a little more Red Bull in the power riff and it has some whacky percussion that squeezes itself into a rare space in the mix. The reality is that if you’re still rockin’ the foo at this point you’re either just a two legged mushroom or you can’t get enough of that foo energy. Or both! I’m not sure what holding the poison down means but you have plenty of time to ponder it as you hear it quite a bit over the four and one half minutes of this track. They throw a switcheroo and get into a classic rock stoner jam out on the last third of the track. Meh. This is a long lasting all day sucker.


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