Music for 3/2/21!!! TiKA, Baby Queen, Julius Black

@@@ TiKA: Walking Disaster (Next Door, 2021) All three of today’s listens are off this week’s Line of Best Fit weekly email with sometimes mainstream sometimes not American music. It opens with dueling acoustic guitars panned left and right and a female black vocalist getting emotionally raw on the microphone. I expect this is going to build to an explosion. This sounds just like an old Styx record with black singers, bigly classic rock feels. Right around halfway through the energy starts to build with big claps of percussion, swelling organ, and more earnest vocals. The vocal hook is something like ‘is this love? are you my master? it feels like a walking disaster’ or some such. It’s a good hook, I’m not a big drama guy, but this is good for mainstream listeners.

@@@ Baby Queen: Want Me (Polydor, 2021) Some brisk kraut-ish synth rock with that vocal fx where it sounds like somebody is on a telephone. The verse is tight and then it busts out into a much poppier, goopier Gwen Stefani-ish type chorus. Female singer, lots of energy, lots of desire, stuff about being wanted and shit. It’s all right, could use a twist or some swing. The overwhelming energy of the chorus can’t overcome the lack of freshness. Sounds too much like a ramped up Taylor Swift non-messy rocker.

@@@ Julius Black: Mirrors (Self-released, 2021). Opens up super smooth and quite bedroom r&b confessional sonic formula. They’ve added some vinyl crackle here which I think is a bit douche. He starts to get into some overly present background vocals but that stops when the beat comes in and it returns to a sort of doleful, contemplative thing. The vocals are right up to the edge of too much for my ears. More beat and more bass would give the tune more three dimensionality and enhance the doleful sweetness. Overall high end singing but not the formula I want to hear it presented in.

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