Music for 3/1/21!!! Amethyst Kiah, DJ Stingray, Joanna Connor

@@@ Amethyst Kiah: Black Myself (Concord, 2021) I got to this track via music biz honcho/blabbermouth Bob Lefsetz. Old school soul rock with a classic strong black female voice. Her voice is the star here, she exudes strength and classic soul feels. After that the stuffed and energetic mix is most notable. This is the guitar driven formula the Black Crowes took the bank and Ms. Kiah outperforms them both vocally and sonically. I’m always a bit slutty in asking for music to be something a bit more than a faithful reproduction but folks love this old school business especially when it’s well presented.

@@@ DJ Stingray: Tribal Life (Open Bar, 2020) I got to this techno DJ via an email from an online music magazine. This is a 7 minute dancefloor banger, opening upbeat with shakers and a metallic marimba type patch and some world music-y vocal chanting. I understand world music is a complicated term but it’s what I have. The four on the floor kick drum comes in, with some congas (an unusual component in a lot of dance music) I could use a bit more development than what we’re getting here but it seems content to sit and groove. At 3 minutes the bass comes in and it’s all right but it could drive the track more. The new sounds added to the groove are all rhythmic components and a break from the marimba melody would be nice.

@@@ Joanna Connor: I Feel So Good (Keeping the Blues Alive, 2021) I got to this Chicago blues artist via a music publicist email. This is not the hyperinflated electric post-Jimi Hendrix epic blues but more of a traditional Chicago blues barn burner. A small room sound. Great band energy and the singer is working overtime, I haven’t heard any blues in a while that will make you stand up and pay attention. I started jumping around to see if other tunes are as good as this one. I’m checking out a power ballad ‘Bad News’ and it’s solid and while I think I like the first tune the best there’s some rocking here to be done.

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