Music for 2/22/21 Tash Sultana, Death by Unga Bunga, Cameron Graves

@@@ Tash Sultana: Greed (Mom & Pop, 2020) All three of today’s listens are off last week’s All Music notable release email. This is slow funk rock jam with chill situation guitars, a falsetto female vocalist, a little poppin’ bass (literally poppin’) and sit back and funk-a-fy the drums. Good for a frat house that thinks it’s enlightened, you know stupid in a different way. I don’t mean literally stupid when referring to this tune just to the frats, I’ve always hated fraternity culture. It’s well done, it’s just not my cup of tea.

@@@ Death by Unga Bunga: Egocentric (Jansen, 2021) Some super Red Bull ol’ school Orange County poppy punk. Reminiscent of Superdrag, NOFX, etc. I like the singer, I like the drummer, and I like the sounds but the whole package could use more of a refresh. There are oddly enough some space lasers right before it goes into a Queen style melodic guitar solo and that wasn’t really the refresh of the sound I was expecting but it’s good for a few chuckles. Not perjorative chuckles I always appreciate when somebody colors outside the lines. Good for the suburbs I guess.

@@@ Cameron Graves: Sons of Creation (Mack Avenue, 2021) Slotted as fusion it comes out more like muscular prog rock with a tad of classi metal swirled up in there. Drums especially. It’s got a piano and I think Graves is the piano player but the width and crunch of the guitars covers the piano like a thick sauce in a lot of places. I would have worked harder to make the piano and guitar work better — it works much better when the guitar player is playing melodically so maybe they should have altered the crunch factor of the guitar. This is most definitely a mash and I appreciate that, but if you’re gonna go heavy, I’d like to hear different sounding drums and more chaos. This is shopping mall fusion jazz/metal.

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