Music for 2/22/21!!! Holy Monitor, Aerial East

@@@ Holy Monitor: Blue Whale (Self-released, 2021) These two listens are off this week’s LIne of Best Fit email. This is a pretty mellow paced psych/stoner thing with more of a smooth feel than a grinding teeth psych type track. Friendly singer, a couple of standard guitar players and that there drummer I was mentioning. It’s cool, the sounds are good, but I find it a little too low energy for my taste. I want my psych rock ramped up, not crazy ramped up but kinda ramped up. Some folks might really like it.

@@@ Aerial East: The Things We Build (Partisan, 2020) Slotted as alternative on Apple Music which is a large and vague as shit category. This is some lush country tinged alternative and I dig that thus far in the tune. I like this track, it’s very minimal but what’s there has impact. There’s a small arpeggiated guitar part that surprisingly drives the track with very little action, there’s a little slide guitar for atmosphere, and some distorted guitar business at the end of the track. Check this one out if you’re into well made spacious country-fied type stuff. She doesn’t oversing and that’s key imho.

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