Music for 2/20/21 Yu Su, Floating Points

@@@ Yu Su: Xiu (Yi Shi Yi Se, 2020) I got to this electro track via an email from the Twatter. This is some straight Chinese (maybe even released by the Chinese government) electronica with some traditional string playing, what sounds like some drumkit and some meandering vocalizing which sounds kinda indie. It does sort of morph slowly over time and segues into a more rocking thing. It’s like Wilco had a baby with a bluetooth radio in a Chinese restaurant. It’s light, like cotton candy at the State Fair. It’s a breezy electro veggie dumpling, god I’m hungry for some dumplings and I’m so far from my favorite joint. Tragic. Uh oh, entertaining myself because the music’s not doing it, always a problem.

@@@ Floating Points: Anasickmodular (Pluto/Ninja Tune, 2019) I saw this musician shouted out for his collaboration with Pharoah Sanders. The blurb said Mr. Points has been on a creative roll. We’ll be the judge of that won’t we? This track kicks off medium dancefloor with plenty of R2D2 action — blurping and bussing over a thick synth blanket and another synth in the back of the mix I can’t describe with the humor and clarity of the first two synths. It’s building, it’s all building and now sort of metalically blossiming and shit. It’s a solid track, I like some R2D2 action as much as the next guy but I’m not sure this is genius territory for me. He starts chopping the shit up at the end as well as glitching the fuck out of it and that intervention is much more interesting than the first 3/4s of the tune. I’m letting the player move to the next track and I’m feeling that much more, it’s an electro church-y type thing. I guess I started with a track that was a bit on the low boil as the player keeps rolling and I’m liking this joint more and more.

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