Music for 2/15/21!!! Azu Tiwaline, SleepingDreaming, Big Zuu/Capo Lee

@@@ Azu Tiwaline: Tessiture (Livity Sound Recordings, 2020) This listen and the third listen are from Crack Magazine, a solid source of adventurous electronic music where I’ve found a lot of interesting shit. This is the last track of a four song EP, it opens with a fair amount of dubwise hand drumming, some heavily processed/ominous vocals, some pleasant metal percussion and overall a pretty active and unpredictable mix of sounds, I like it. It’s ambient while retaining a fair amount of rhythm. Around halfway through it settles into a groove and I think it’s a bit short on melody to be quite honest, I could use more. I respect the rhythms for sure. The sounds are meticulously presented and I feel them. I’m checking out pieces of other tracks and it’s right at that confusing point where I’m not jumping up and down but there’s a lot of it that ticks my boxes so I think I will circle back. Right now I’m gonna circle back to the third track that’s the banger, or quite possibly.

@@@ SleapingDreaming: Ring of Fireflies (Estee Trax, 2021) I got to this jack of all trades (shoegaze, metal, post grunge) via a music publicist email. I can’t find this on Apple Music, now just hold I did! From the opening notes I’m thinking this is gonna be a Jane’s Addiction evolved, trippy rock situation. Nice bass line and long sustained guitar interaction. It could have crashed overboard if the singer busted a douche move but they slip in a quiet, multitrack not obnoxious, non rock star move. Simple drums well presented. I’m guess they’re gonna ride this groove and that’s fine but I’m not gonna say I don’t crave a bit more. About 1:30 from the end they bring the Sabbath down, the gentlemen’s crush with more active drumming but not a full bore meltdown. A little dissonant. It settles back to the ambient rock thing with a reverse gizmo added and I like it much more than I thought I would. It never exploded and I love a good explosion to be perfectly honest.

@@@ Big Zuu, Capo Lee: Doing Alright (Big Joints, 2020) UK hip hop, you can’t beat it with a stick. A MC comes on a bit shrill, accented, and a version of trap beats with a little delay on that hat and then a second MC dropping a little more Brexit before a singer comes for the chorus. I don’t know if the sung part is by one of the previous MCs and I don’t know how I would be able to ascertain that. I don’t love this vocalizing but it’s high energy and I’m always drawn to high energy. I can barely tell what they’re on about but I think it’s about how they’re doing alright in the rap game, looking at some houses, trying to get some gigs, rise up the foodchain and whatnot. Kinda came and went for me but regular readers know how I feel about the UK hip hop, it needs some grit and shit.

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