Music for 2/13/21!!! Tygapaw, Sabiyha

@@@ Tygapaw: Run 2 U (NAAFI, 2020) I got to this what I think will be a dancefloor banger via the weekly email at Crack Magazine. A pretty incessant and brisk techno kick hits with some Prince-y detached voice action, a coupla layers of hi hats building and then getting full techno dancefloor. This one’s for sweating. Great titles in places such as ‘In Their Fear They Plotted Her Destruction’. An offkilter keyboard simple repeater comes in and upsets the rhythmic sense producing more energy and more interesting energy. I dig this a whole bunch

@@@ Sabiyha: Lullaby (Choorile, 2021) I got to this via a music publicist email. Opening up with a vocal chant in another language, followed by some intricate handclapping we then get a strong female voice presented in a modern manner. There’s a bit of chatter that is panned out to this side while this young woman praises her elders. I like the just before the end of the track when there’s a sporadic bass bounce it all comes together. As a piece of personal history I think it’s great, as a piece of music for me to listen to I wish there was more focus on the music.

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