Music for 2/12/21!!! Nonconnah, Lil Tjay

@@@ Nonconnah: To Follow Us Through Fields of Lightning (Ernest Jenning, 2021) I got to this track via a music publicist email. I thought it was going to be a full ambient tune but it looks from the beginning of this 12 minute banger that there will be elements added to the ambient tempo and foundation. Most notable in the opening of the track is a chorus of voices which is a little jarring and I’m agnostic on the overall results of adding it. It settles down into a collection of glitch, reversed and even a strummed guitar (I think), a few space bleeps, etc. A more typical ambient setup. I think the guitar is a negative here, it distracts from the ambient sounds. The tune morphs again into a medium wall of distorted guitar not recognizable as melodic playing before moving into a section with a collection of reversed sounds. I’m feeling like this is more of a sonic slideshow and not a slow ambient tune. I don’t hate it for being that but I’m finding these jumps between sections sorta random and a tad disorienting.

@@@ Lil Tjay: Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) (Sony, 2021) A drawl-y, purple drank-ish post booty sadness track with suprisingly tender piano stylings for a trap track. I like the repeating, pitch shifted line ‘I can’t get you off my mind’ and then 6LACK comes in and man I like his voice and his delivery, he smokes Lil Tjay. Lil Tjay should turn his microphone in or at least hand the track off to 6LACK who slays it. The beat is not designed to catch your ear, I like the piano playing in spots and am distracted by it in other spots, I don’t like the Autotune on Tjay’s voice and I like 6LACK here. That’s the score.

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