Music for 2/10/21!!! Liz Phair, Anansy Cisse, Moneybagg Yo

@@@ Liz Phair: Hey Lou (Chrysalis, 2021) Let’s see if Liz Phair’s musical skills match her social media skills where I cannot escape a single one of her twats. Her twats are everywhere!! First off I’m a bit surprised she’s on a major label in 2021, she must have staying power, and I think the mix and the sounds here reflect a major label release. Pretty polished and fleshed out. I really like the chorus or the transition from the verse to chorus as it’s a big jump in energy, while the lyrics have a tossed feel to them. The tune breaks down into a strange section where she says ‘how did that work for you?’ and then back into the body of it. I think it’s a track about questioning being a downtown art based hipster but maybe I’m reading into it. I appreciate the quirk here, it’s got some genuine indie quirk to it, I like the chorus, the verses could use a bit of spice and I’m not sure what the hell it’s about. That’s what I hear.

@@@ Anansy Cisse: Foussa Foussa (Riverboat, 2021) I saw this African musician on the WRIR weekly playlist email but I can’t locate his new record on bandcamp or on Apple Music. We will have to resort to GooglePimpTube but we don’t have to like it! He opens with an American blues boogie riff with some African garnish on the side. I’m describing not demeaning. There’s mostly mellow vocalizations and steady drumming, then a quick shred and back into the groove. It’s right on the edge of catching fire and melting down which would be my preference but I’m not holding my breath. We’re at the end and it gets a little psych and jammy, I would prefer more of that and a deeper exploration of the tune, but that’s just me.

@@@ Moneybagg Yo: Time Today (Interscope, 2021) I used to get more upset by an MC named Moneybagg Yo, but let me just point out there’s very little daylight between what Moneybagg Yo is talking about and what big Wall St. traders are talking about. Money gangstas and shit, whatevs. In addition to his business activities Mr. Yo is deep into the ladies, all manner of X-rated mentions that some might see as offensive — she ate the dick through the underwear for example. Looked at my wrist I got time today, fuck it I’m gonna cross the line today, that’s the hook here. Straight anti-social shit/encouragement similar to what Trimp did.

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