Music for 2/9/21!!! Celeste, The Telescopes, A.J. Croce

@@@ Celeste: Love is Back (UMG, 2020) Off this week’s All Music notable releae email and it’s most notable for taking retro r&b/soul and fully modernizing the production making it more intimate and individualized. Not a Daptone phase-y thing, much more of a pumped major label thing. I like the production as well as kinda hating it as it makes the tune sounds more like a technological accomplishment than a song. The song is all right but I can’t say I’m shocked or surprised at it, major label music isn’t built to surprise or hit you hard. Celeste has a very nice voice, sometimes soaring and sometimes more nasal and intimate.

@@@ The Telescopes: Mesmerized (Tapete Records, 2021) Labelled as psychedelic I got to this via this week’s All Music notable release email. It opens up well but it sags when the singer comes in all mopey and Beck-y. Wow, this is oxy-rock as I feel the energy draining out of me though I do like the guitar player. As the ol’ soul singers used to say there’s a thin line between mesmerization and sedation, they said that right? I made it halfway through but Imma check the next track and maybe they popped a Red Bull between tracks. The next tune is called Come Bring Your Love and it’s even less energetic, I can’t deal. We all have our lines and I understand mine is different from y’allz but make sure you get some tea before you hit this bitch or you may not survive. At least be ready for a nap.

@@@ A.J. Croce: Nothing from Nothing (Compass, 2021) This is some grown up rock/blues rock for people with jobs. Oh wow, super crispy and compressed mix here for maximum impact. It’s a cover so discussion of the tune is limited, it’s a great track and it’s about the plating and the presentation here. I like his voice, I like the band playing and his piano playing but it’s a bit aggressive to my ears. The mix and the compression that is and it squashes the swinging and vibe. Most people do not fucking notice this so have at it but I hear what I hear.

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