Music for 2/8/21!!! The Green Zoo, Aaron Lee Tasjan

@@@ The Green Zoo: Long Way Sober (The Green Zoo, 2020) A friend of mine asked what I thought of this band so I thought I would throw them a listen. This track is a kinda shambolic, slightly retro rock sendup with tom heavy drumming and a very good singer. I feel a credible singer is key to a good rock tune. This guy has a little urgency, a pleasant tone and what sounds like authenticity which is a hard ass thing to put into words. About two thirds the way through there’s a weird little break with some broken organ sounds which I’m guessing are processed and then it’s back into the intro section but with a whistle. A person whistling. Reminds me of Midnight Oil but less righteous. The second tune by these guys that I’m checking out is very different, it’s more of a slow anthem where the singer goes in a slightly higher register. These guys have a quirk that’s not a pose and everybody knows rock is in a quiet place right now, some freshness like these guys would help out.

@@@ Aaron Lee Tasjan: Up All Night (New West, 2021) Somebody sure own one of George Harrison’s later solo releases where he swirls in some Tom Petty Travelling Whatevers. Big sound, big strummed guitars, simple vocals but occasional stacks of vocals for ya earholes. This is a bit too far towards sonic babyfood for my taste. The emphasis here is on friendly sounds and the energy went into makng a large pop edifice and I’m not super enjoying it. I know there are others singing into a turkey baster thinking this is the shit for a rock party track but I find it bombastic. Think of this as clunky ’80s Beatles business.

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