Music for 2/7/21!!! Black Country, Pooh Shiesty

@@@ Black Country, New Road: Track (Ninja Tune, 2021) I saw this track celebrated in a big Guardian feature so I thought I would throw it a weekend peep. The intro features a low register male singer going over a pretty busy guitar arpeggio and occasional bursts of sax and fiddle panned out right and left. It comes together with the introduction of a female sung vocal. It feels like it should burst into another place but these kids today, they ain’t taking no orders from nobody and shit. Look at the stonks and GameStonk in particular. It sits in that space between rock, and a folk, and indie, and other musics without being any particular one. I would like it to take a little trip outside of this loopy guitar loop and the melodic female chorus. It does what it does and I neither hate it or celebrate it, it just kinda is and that’s all right.

@@@ Pooh Shiesty: Neighbors (Atlantic, 2021) Some major label hip hop I saw in the Apple hot tracks section, a place with notoriously not hot tracks. Somebody’s brrrring right out of the gate with some sinister pitch shifted Satan voices before Mr. Shiesty hits the mic to brag regarding his career in crime. He looks like a straight up law abiding dude but apparently he’s up in various businesses. There’s some annoying, keyboard playing that’s supposed to drive the tune but Senor Shiesty is the main focus here. To much fake gunshot brrring it’s just stupid and shit. I give this a solid B-, needs less shotsing and a big upgrade in the Casio keyboard area. I wouldn’t say he’s quite living up to the Pooh first name but he’s not far off.

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