Music for 2/5/21!!! carolesdaughter, SG Lewis

@@@ carolesdaughter: violent (Sony Music, 2021) I got to what is described as a blend of hip hop and punk rock via Line of Best Fit. To my ears this is more Post Malone with a vagina rather than anything I know to be punk. The vocal hook here is about getting her ring back because it’s a diamond so it’s more on the personal level, than any macro punk level. I don’t enjoy being mismarketed to. Also no mess and not over the top spilly guitars here so maybe somebody with a mohawk drove by but it’s not punk, Imma pretty certain of that.

@@@ SG Lewis: One More (UMG, 2021) A white boy disco savant with a little authentic disco sauce from Nile Rodgers. A little above the warmed over funk/disco of Mark Ronson, but just a notch or two. He’s got a vocal hook about having friends in the bathroom which I think is kind of a stupid ass vocal reference. I like Nile Rodgers funk vamping but the vocals are weak sauce and while there was a one brief moment where the mix opened up and I thought we might head to a better place it’s pretty standard disco down to the cowbell. Fucking love cowbell and think it’s well deployed here but the singer, oy.

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