Music for 1/29/21!!! Dub Pistols, Afronaut, El Dusty

@@@ DUB PISTOLS V DUBMATIX: Blue Monday [Single] (Cyclone, 2021) Extremely ambient dub reggae I got to via this week’s WRIR playlist. It’s a cover with a more subtle singer rather than your righteous Winston Rodney Burning Spear type of preacher man singer. Very tasty bass sounds but the star here is what you might call the ether, the little bits of delayed fragements and reverbed guitar ka-chunks, extremely pleasurable. Tasty sonic bits for ya earholes.

@@@ Afronaut: Barfight (The Good Times, 2020) The first tune off an EP called Africans from Outer Space. Great title. I don’t know where this band hails from but they sound like an old school indie rock band with a little horn action. I’ve been in this song for 2 minutes and I don’t want to hear the word barfight ever again! Ah, don’t wear it out. Jangly guitar, a lot of toms on the rock drumming and the word barfight. It starts to sound like they’re chanting ‘barf right’ after a bit.

@@@ El Dusty: Sax Riddim (Americano, 2021) Electro cumbia is how I would label this track that I got to via the WRIR weekly playlist email. Drum machine, synth/trap bass sitting under that tasty cumbia accordion, you can’t fuck with the accordion. There’s a synth horn and I like the hip hop connection here but for no reason except I prefer listening to the old school style, I prefer the old school cumbia. No purity test here maybe if it was arranged differently I would like it more.

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