Music for 1/26/21!!! Palberta, Kiwi Jr., ZAYN

@@@ Palberta: Corner Store (Wharf Cat Records, 2021) Old school female guitar indie and I think I got to this track via a recent All Music notable release email. They’re engaging in some Sleater-Kinney style two part vocal harmonizing, maybe even three part! and it’s cool. I do, however, love the Sleater Kinney whipping of the shitty and that’s absent here. The tempo is brisk in places but it’s not boiling over. That’s okay, it’s okay to not whip a shitty. I could use a bit of distortion pedal to be perfectly honest — a little crunch would be nice. Ah well. I let the player click through to the next track and they get into a little Minutemen style business and from that super quickie onto the next one it seems like they’ve listened to a lot of different ’80s and ’90s SST style bands. A little Meat Puppets in here as well so a cornucopia of retro rock music.

@@@ Kiwi Jr.: Waiting in Line (Sub Pop, 2021) More guitar indie, my favorite shit ever! This time more shiny and more emphasis on the vocal melodies and a generally quirky poppy flow. Singer doing a good job with the tools he has, and the drummer does all right but it’s very familiar. Maybe that’s the point!!! Again I could use a bit of muscle in the guitar part of the band but that’s how I roll and how I roll is not how others roll. The vocalist steals the show here and the guitar players could use a small to medium sized flavor pack. A little somethin’ out of the ordinary, naimsayin’? I also like the keyboards here though they’re a bit low they should be emphasized more here.

@@@ ZAYN: Vibez (RCA, 2021) Fuckz there’s nothing sweeter than new ZAYN Malik trackz. He quakez the pantiez fo sho. It’s a loverboy track with a medium funk undercarriage and he just goez off on the mic about what he’s gonna do to his lover. He’z gonna make it realz! The vocal hook is you got the vibez, you got the vibez. He’s gonna do all the thingz, all the thingz that you see in your dreamz, oh man. I let the player roll as I type up this pocket review and the soft top on the early ’80s quiet storm funk formula continuez. I find this kind of music scary as it comes off as a simulation of human emotion and not a heartfelt expression of a real one. Apparently we’re not in a time with the realz.

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