Music for 1/21/21!!! Star Feminine Band, The Fontanas

@@@ STAR FEMININE BAND: Star Feminine Band (Born Bad, 2020) A bunch of young African women from rural Benin tearing it up while their American counterparts are flippin’ through their finstas. Energy is high and enthusiastic with not only some rock feels, but a lot of percussion, a bangin’ drummer and layers of percussion. The singing is great and the drummer could easily sub in many American punk bands.

@@@ THE FONTANAS “Capoeira Mata Um” [Single] (Movimientos, 2020) So the marketing blurb for this single on Soundcloud (it’s not up on Apple Music) says they aim to take a Brazilian classic and turn it into a dancefloor banger. I hear a more modern update but I don’t hear many dancefloor sounds happenin’. Zoom zoom zoom, capoeira mata um. I like it, it’s a classic that’s been revved up but there’s no filtered build ups, they keep a traditional accordion going for the forro element but whassup with the marketing?

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