Music for 1/18/21!!! Berwyn, Shame

@@@ Berwyn: Vinyl (Sony, 2020) A slow torch-y sad ballad with major label production and modern flourishes particular from the bass. He’s from the UK so his delivery is bit different but he’s got those ringing piano chords and a rhymed section. I like the spaciousness and uncluttered nature of the mix, I like the background vocals, but I don’t like the vocal hook and it doesn’t succeed trying to marry pop sensibility with more retro soul/jazz ballads.

@@@ Shame: Drunk Tank Pink (Dead Oceans, 2020) I’ve seen this post punk yet punky effort namechecked in a coupla locations. They do a really good putting across a shambolic band energy and then come in for some big singalong vocal hooks. The opening track storms out and then settles into a more angular rock thing in the second track Nigel Hitter. I think there are more than a few Fugazi records floating around in this band’s collection and the singer sounds eerily similar to Ian Mackaye from said band Fugazi. I like the energy of the tunes and I like the guitar tones but I didn’t feel a great impact from the tunes themselves.

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