Music for 1/17/21!!! Sleaford Mods

@@@ Sleaford Mods: Spare Ribs (Rough Trade, 2021) Off this week’s All Music notable release email and I’m a big fan of Sleaford Mods. They’ve kept the basic formula of punk hip hop rantings over simple beats but they’ve added a bit of melody to the tracks and their vocal delivery as well. There are some references to Covid but it’s the basic disgruntled, anti-social barking the Mods has taken to wherever they are on the foodchain. The energy is brisk and sharp as usual. I’ve dug bits of alot of the tunes I’ve sampled with the title track at #9 in the set taking the cake for my favorite nugget. There’s a track called Out There and a hook in the title track using the words ‘outside, spare ribs do a bit of spice, outside, under a concrete Jesus Christ’ so the shut in nature of Covid has brought on outside fever for these gents. Overall it’s hard to place this new record within the others they’ve made but I do enjoy the energy and with Sleaford Mods the onslaught of unrepentant defiance is what really carries the whole thing forward. Shit on it and then shit on it some more.

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