Music for 1/15/21!!! Taina Asili, Scalp, Bleeding Out

@@@ Taina Asili: Here We Come (Self-released, 2020) I got this political anthem type track via an email from the Media Sanctuary in upstate New York. It’s got a mellow boombaton feel to it, some lush vocals, hand percussion and uplifting vocals. I like a political anthem as much as the next idot but this is a bit too Disney in the chorus for my taste. The lyrics go all out name checking everything from female genital mutilation, gentrification, trans rights, it’s incredible she stuffed it all in here. I would like it more if it has a bit more muscle — it’s strong on rhythms but it comes across as a bit lightweight.

@@@ Scalp: Domestic Extremity (Creator-Destructor, 2020) Some brutal metal off this week’s CFUV playlist email. Big stomp, drippy thrash, and plenty of hardcore muscle up in this badboy. The singer bounces back and forth between a hardcore throat scrape and that weird caveman shit a lot of metal dudes do. I wouldn’t say these guys get into any sort of technical metal but they jump around between sections and it gives a sense of them being very focused and tightly delivering ‘tha goods’. These guys produce a muscular collection of tracks with only a tad of doom here and there. I really like the drummer most of all, he sounds wired up on 14 cans of Red Bull and somebody rocked a great snare sound for this record.

@@@ Bleeding Out – Lifelong Death Fantasy (Profound Lore, 2020) Not as loud and thugged out as the above recording this metal record is also from this week’s CFUV playlist email. It sports a more epic death metal feel with some big melodies in the opening track. I’m hearing some Motorhead feels with a churning punky guitar hornet’s nest and a shouting Lemmy-ish dude on the mic. I started this review yesterday but I’m back to finish the week and clicked on the title track and oy it’s like have somebody pour hot motor oil right onto your brain. Visceral, thrashy domination. This is some hot shit — I’m not a full time metalhead but I get and embrace the genre appreciating its honesty. Imma circle back on this record for sure.

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