Music for 1/14/21!!! Grace Potter, Tayla Parx, Hayley Williams

@@@ Grace Potter: Eachother (Concord, 2020) I’m rocking a few more overlooked songs from 2020 and here we have some post hippie, mellow hippie rock/folk. Oh yeah, they’re going full classic rock with some tasteful rock guitar shredding and a lonesome togetherness vibe — shit suck and we got each other which has proved quite false as a society. Three vocalists thus far with Jackson Browne coming towards the end and it builds to a mellow crescendo towards the end. It’s entirely satisfactory, I always like a unique twist over a faithful performance but that continues to be my solo hangup.

@@@ Tayla Parx: Dance Alone (Atlantic, 2020) Sonically this sounds to me like some early ’80s pop funk with absolutely manicured sounds. A little bit of gristle on the bass which I really dig, a beat I could go the rest of my life not hearing again and Parx’s very capable singing. You gotta buy these sounds to feel the song and these sounds worked when I used to listen heavily to Prince records because he always snuck in some rock guitar for contrast. This is a sweet parfait but I could use a bit of crunch. She doesn’t want to dance alone, who does? Like the singing, not my favorite bucket of sounds.

@@@ Hayley Williams: Dead Horse (Atlantic, 2020) Super fizzy pop dancefloor banger with some techno feels and glitched up vocals. It’s got some trick vocal arrangements that are cool in places and annoying and overdone at other points. It’s a stuffed mix which I would really dig if I dug the sounds more. The song is a coiled nugget of technical achievement but the overall effect is equivalent to standing in a field in the rain in front of a dead horse, rather depressing looking at that huge barrel shaped body motionless. I feel a bit glum when it’s all over which is quite ironical if you think about what the song aspires to.

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