Music for 1/12/21!!! Saweetie, Morgan Wallen, Olivia Rodrigo

@@@ Saweetie: Best Friend (Warner, 2021) Smells like somebody surfing on Cardi B’s flavor pack. Down to the vocal tone, the stripper beats and the generally raw flow to the lyrics. It’s about her and her friend who is a real bad bitch who don’t need a n**. That’s half the n-word if you’re keeping score at home. I’m not sure if I favor Cardi B because she’s an interesting person outside of her music but this comes off as less inspired and less energetic. If you see these two at the club you best be ready. I think one of them might have just described her friend as her cellmate on the way out the door and if so that’s the most interesting line in the track. All three listens today are off Apple Music, ya know the hot tracks section.

@@@ Morgan Wallen: Wasted On You (UMG, 2021) Most notable for the slightly diluted trap drum machine beat that underlies the soft FM guitar layers and his cigarette-y voice. It’s a ballad about drinking after the end of a relationship and it’s got a fairly unusual combination of cheese and bittersweet feels. Oh Lord just another sign of what a weird ass society America is becoming and has become.

@@@ Olivia Rodrigo: drivers license (Geffen, 2021) A sad piano female feels out the yazoo love lost. And it’s not the singing, it’s just that the production is so massive and so manipulative and just so Disney-fied that I’m having a hard time listening. If this song was a sandwich it would be two slices of puffy bread, a tiny slice of meat (or vegan meat in my case) and about fifty slices of Kraft cheese. How the fuck am I supposed to pick this sandwich up and eat it, it’s got way too much cheese on it? I like a little cheese on my pizza and shit, but this is way over the line, way the fuck over the line as far as I’m concerned.

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