Music for 1/6/21!!! Jazmine Sullivan, Taylor Swft

@@@ Jazmine Sullivan: Heaux Tales (RCA, 2021) When you click on Apple Music at the top right corner is a record by a young African American and it’s called Heaux Tales. How can you not listen to a record or a tune called Heaux Tales? It’s just too hilarious and sad to pass on. I’m guessing this is part stripper pole music swirled up with female empowerment and the whole pre release track, Pick Up Your Feelings, will barely make sense. It’s not stripper music, it’s a slow jam and that cheatin’ ass motherfucker stepped out on this lady. So instead of coming over to pick up his shit he’s gotta swing by and pick up his feelings. It’s a pretty clever hook and Sullivan owns some Prince records. The rest of the lyrics revolve around how she has no use for her feelings and memories of their relationship so he’s free to take her feelings. I tend to think I’m a bit of a hardass about lyrics and how much sense they make but I say it’s quite refreshing to listen to something that makes sense. The sounds here are pretty standard slightly retro r&b with guitar and piano included in the mix.

@@@ Taylor Swift: willow (Taylor Swift, 2020) I guess Tay Tay is an adult now and she’s in love and she’s responsible. I’m listening to the opening track of her second universally lauded record and she’s working with some of my least favorite musicians. I get why she collaborated with the gents from the National, cuz they’re artists (ha!) and she’s one of America’s youngest artists (ha!) but I don’t have to like it! Ha. I will say four things here: one, the hook in the chorus is solid, the image of the willow. Two, the arrangements are solid, not particularly fresh or interesting but solid. Three, the lyrics in the verses are still pretty teened out and not very interesting. Lastly, outside of the chorus which probably came first in the creative process, I don’t like how Taylor Swift sings. I don’t like her delivery, it’s clunky and doesn’t sit well with my ears. I’ve never heard of the woman in the first pocket review but her flow rhythmically is a factor of 5 better than Tay Tay. She needs a coach, she needs to loosen up in the verse so I can enjoy it. It’s not just the chorus that’s supposed to be enjoyable. 46 million views on the GooglePimp in three weeks you young white girls gotta listen to a wider variety of music!!

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