Music for 1/4/21!!! Guaxe

Welcome to the first review of 2021. I’ve decided to continue this blog but to chill out on any sort of I need to listen to X number of songs per year. I think when I started this blog I was attempting to establish credibility for myself by listening to so much music, but I’ve done that and shown I’m not afraid to throw shade on the corn and the cheese. I’ve always thought my reviews were hilarious and maybe they are too some but for some reason folks seem to only want the mindblowers, which is just fucking selfish.

@@@ Guaxe: Guaxe (OAR, 2019) I got to this Brazilian indie psych outfit via a friend of mine in California. Having listened to a fair amount of Brazilian music over the years it’s clear that the Brazilians (unlike Americans) do not punish musicians who blend sounds and push boundaries. Americans like McDonald’s, they want the familiar which I find horribly boring. This first tune swirls and the emphasis here is on the guitars both electric and a looped acoustic. It’s a bit like Radiohead in the rainforest thought the singer plies a dreamier vibe than Thom who rocks a high despair ratio. The second tune maintains the same formula but ups the tempo and swirls up a bit of Beck into its business. I’m on the fourth song — I like the production, I like the singer and I like the arrangements. I also like the strings in the fourth tune but I could use some other sounds to freshen up the guitar work as it’s not (in my opinion) enough to carry the load by itself. Also as somebody who listens to a shit tone of music there could me more contrast here, the production sound can change.

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