Best of 2017 Pick 7

Power Trip: Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord, 2017)

This is not a concept record — well, it is a concept record but it’s a rather simple concept.  32 minutes of smacking the listener around.  Certainly not the most melted or manic metal out there, this is a no nonsense shot to the dome.

I would say the guitar sound and the playing slightly star here, but the band locks together and stomps your brains in.  The drummer engages in some undercover swinging, just a wee bit and hiw work subtly changes the vibe of the record.  Some hardcore, some classic metal, it’s a piquant blend of Metallica and Motorhead but without the redneck nonsense of Metallica and Lemmy’s, well I’m not really sure what Lemmy was about.  Talk about a concept, fucking Lemmy.

In this fantastic Trump era (which I have really been enjoying), I spin the tune Executioner’s Axe daily to get the hate levels up.


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