Best of 2017 Pick 6

Drone: Reversing Into the Future (Pomperipossa, 2017)

This ambient record that has been on my listening list for a little over the year gets called up to the ‘best of’ list.  It is just right for me in terms of what I want from an ambient record.

It has a tasteful amount of long tones/ideas coming across the stereo field and they rotate at a speed where I’m engaged, enjoying what I’m listening to and eager to hear what’s next.  There are no cheesy sounds here, big fat cotton candy cloud synths but it’s not too annoyingly industrial and dark.  It has a pleasant combination of sounds — some nice long high energy particulate matter, some metallic grinding, some motor like noises and some, of course, drones.

There six tracks on the record and they’re all titled This Strange Life 1, This Strange Life 2, etc.  Some of my favorite passages are on track four (clipped below for your listening convenience).  It all goes down like one giant cinematic piece with variations.

Check it out, it’s high quality ambient for ya earholes!




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