2016 Honorable Mention Pick 17

Xylouris White: Black Peak (Bella Union, 2016).

If you like the old school freak punk energy you should check this Grunk (Greek Punk Yo).  Georgis Xylouris is a Greek person who plays a Cretan lute and he’s teamed up here with Jim White – hence the name Xylouris White.  Now there’s a jazz musician named Jim Black so I get Jim White confused with Jim Black and there’s also Jack Black and Jack White.  It’s not so black and white.

Xylouris White is going for what I would call an ecstatic energy.  He pushes both his playing and his singing and he whips the drummer into quite a shitty as well.  If it wasn’t such a rapid tempo you might expect Stevie Nicks to be twirling around in a white dress.  White does an excellent job whirling a helluva dervish.

It’s a punky hippie indie jam thing, check it out.

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