Best of 2016 Pick 12

Vieux Kante: The Young Man’s Harp (Sterns, 2016).  I was listening to the 2014 recording Sans Commentaire and I had it slotted as an Honorable Mention record because while there are spots on that record where he lets it all hang out there is a slightly restrained feel to the playing.

I was about to stream that record and finish that honorable mention when I saw this record which just came out and he absolutely tears it out on the first tune.  7 full minutes of virtuoso koura playing (it’s the first track clipped below).  Anybody into great rock guitarists should check that tune out.  The second tune, Lambanco, is a full band effort with both a kit drummer and a hand drummer and vocals (the opening track is an instrumental).

Not only is Kante a musician who has risen to a level rarely seen in any genre he’s got a slamming band backing him up on this record.  They’re all great but I hear the bass player pulling at my ear the most.

You’re only lowering the quality of your life by not checking out this music.

This tune clipped below is a full band effort which I found to be super high quality.


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