Changes to the list Aug ’16 Part 2!

@@@ Margo Price: Midwest Farmer’s Daughter (Third Man, 2016). The first tune on this country rock record is a keeper but by the time you get to third tune that opens up with Led Zeppelin beat you know it’s smelling mad Jack Whitey up in here.  Y’all know how much I dig a good mash but I don’t need Zep beats up in my country peanut butter.  Otherwise it’s pretty standard country.

@@@ Seratones: Get Gone (Fat Possum, 2016).  I would gladly have this record on my year end list if all the tracks were like the first tune.  It’s marketed as a ferociously sung record and then only the first tune unleashes the beast.  They prettified this band and personally they should have left them raw as fuck.  This is classic music business bait and switch — they also should have made the guitar player sound rougher.   All in all it looked like they were sculpting for the Alabama Shakes piggy bank but they took a wrong turn, imho.

@@@ Akitsa: Grands Tyrans (Hospital Productions, 2015) I really like the first tune Devoile with it’s wall of guitars and pained shrieking.  I enjoy the hearing the pain and misforune of others — just shitting.  Then the second tune moves over into a trashier riffy biker bar thing.  And then back to the tortured business on the third tune and I feel confused because I’m not very bright.  There are some really good tunes on this record so pick through.

@@@ Comeback Kid: Die Knowing (Victory, 2014).  This is a emo punk/metal and I really dig the at the end of the rope singer.  Man, they’re really cranking the energy on this second tune Lower the Line.  I want to go carjack some yuppie scumbag.  It’s a very good record that doesn’t quite make my cut but some hardcore kiddies out there may dig it.  This band is mad tight and they really bring the energy.




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