Fear not, the New York Times will find a pretentious wanker to replace sausage peddler Ben Ratliff!

From the New York Times:

Ben — a deeply patient thinker and writer, a model of pensive and ethical criticism — has been a music critic at the Times since 1996. Today is his last day. In those two decades, he’s been a singular voice on music: jazz, of course, but also heavy metal, hardcore, samba, fado, hip-hop, pure pop and so much more. He has carved out a path through music that’s unique and fluid, and one that reassured me that mine (completely different, and established on different terms) could be acceptable, too.

This quote is from one of Ratliff’s co workers at the Times and it is also a completely pretentious load of shit.

Now you may ask yourself who is this ghetto motherfucker that dares to criticize a New York Times critic?  And I would respond that you should read Ratliff’s last book (download it, don’t pay for it) and check out the highly polished bullshit that he gets into in that book.  I was shocked.  Some of the sentences in that book came straight out of his ass, total fake intellectual bullshit.

Good riddance and bring on the next wanker!


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