Changes to the list August ’16!

Dawn Richard: Blackheart (Our Dawn Entertinament, 2015). I first read about this artist in the Guardian with a profile about how a mainstream artist chose to publicize herself so I would really like to love this record.  It is adventurous electronic music with bold arrangements and a more abstract approach than 99% of the electronic out there. While I appreciate a bunch of the sounds here I don’t really love the tunes but maybe some of you club heads could put down your MDMA and peep something with higher IQ.

MAKU Soundsystem: Mezcla (Glitterbeat 2016)  I’ve been trying to make up my mind regarding this outfit based on an earlier record, but I will give a shout to this Glitterbeat effort because I really dig what Glitterbeat does.  THese guys do a super high energy world music party music with strong Afrobeat flavors.  I’m almost surthey’re from Latin America but I’m too tired to Duck duck ‘me.  I’m a picky Afrobeat listener so I’ll pass on putting this on my year end list but I can picture funky party music people connecting with this record, so get on it.

Equal Stones: Leaving to Become Ashes (Self-released, 2016).  I remembering first hearing this Duth producer’s ambient and then I went back and peeped again and didn’t like it, so he’s been stuck on my listening list.  HE’s got a lot of releases up on the band camp and I’ m listening to his latest.  He’s working in the slow swirl/cloud/light metallic neighborhood of ambient.  This ‘Changes to the list’ is turning into a I wanna support Musician X without hitting my list.  OH, he’s got some ambient tension working on this third track.  Super slow twitch.

Alexander Hawkins: All There Ever Out (Babel, 2012)  Here’s another artist that has been lingering and it’s all my fault.  He is a British pianist and I picked this free jazz effort to highlight.  He’s got a medium large ensemble here including vibes, guitar, bass and drums.  It’s out but not super out and thus far I’m feeling the playing.  Hawkins is not a dominating bandleader and they have good ensemble energy going here.


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